BrightPay API Integration

KBM is contributing to digital accounting and computerised bookkeeping for more than 30 years. You can choose KBM to lean almost all accounting software solutions, including BrightPay and its API integration. KBM has high calibre digital accountants and finance experts to help you learn cloud accounting.

At KBM, we blend our qualifications and training with practical accountancy work experience. You will have an opportunity of gaining knowledge and skills from our chartered certified accountants. Uniquely you will get the benefit of learning at our ACCA Gold Level chartered accountancy working place. You will practically work on actual files, giving you the competence required to perform an accounting job effectively.

Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) endorses KBM. On the other hand, Financial Conduct Authority regulates (FCA) KBM. We blend our training programmes with IFA and accounting bodies like AAT, NCFE and Skills first. After your training, you will get a professional accounting work experience certificate. The certificate will fulfil the employers’ experience requirement. Alongside it will improve your CV credentials.

The most significant functions for payroll bureaus and accountants are processing payroll for employees and calculating payroll taxes correctly and timely. You will learn about how integration in this modern age has transformed the payroll world. We will help you understand:

  • Automation importance 
  • Payroll journal integration
  • Facilities after BrightPay’s accounts software integration
  • Integrated payroll & accounting systems benefits 
  • BrightPay API integration 

Tracking payroll figures is so significant. It can cause effort duplication and errors. Adding payroll journals, mapping and uploading the nominal codes is a manual payroll software solution process. If there is no API integration between payroll and accounting systems, you can only manually enter the payroll journal information into the system. It will follow through fixing journal entries mistakes. 

Here API facility comes; it integrates financial statements with the payroll and accounting system effectively. While training at KBM, alongside your BrightPay Payroll training, you will also learn API integration, including:

  • Nominal ledger retrieval
  • Mapping payroll data to an applicable nominal account
  • Payroll journal records for payslips across various pay frequencies
  • Individual employees record 
  • How to merge payroll records for unique date
  • Nominal account use for multiple items
  • Mapping to an alternate nominal account code 

Over the years, KBM has become a Centre of Excellence for Digital Accounting. Alongside gaining accounting qualifications and training, you can choose KBM to learn various other accounting software solutions like Sage One, SAPA, Xero, Oracle Financials, Sage CIS, Sage Payroll, CCH, IRIS, MS Excel, QuickBooks, Sage CIS, Sage Compliance, Sage 50, and SAP.

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