BrightPay Connect Training

We are following the accounting and finance digitisation compliance vision for decades. In digital accounting, we have helped students, professionals and multiple sector businesses across the UK. KBM is offering BrightPay Connect training as part of your BrightPay Payroll learning.

At KBM, you will learn through hands-on practical accountancy training by using BrightPay Payroll software. We will provide you with an opportunity for an accountancy practice in our ACCA Gold Level Chartered Accounting organisation. Our high calibre payroll professionals and certified digital accountants will give you one to one support. 

We prepare professionals as per employers’ requirements. Hence, our training will help you perform effectively at your workplace. At KBM, you will work on actual files. It will give you total confidence to perform an accounting job role independently. The accounting and bookkeeping work experience you will gain from KBM will boost your CV and employability potential. So you will stand out from the accountants' crowd when looking for a job.

BrightPay Connect is an add-on for the cloud to the payroll software with powerful online features. BrightPay's desktop software solution processes payroll and records payroll information online on a secure cloud server. The BrightPay Connect features include:

  • Client payroll submission
  • Automated cloud backup
  • Annual leave management
  • Online employer dashboards

We are offering BrightPay Payroll training coupled with BrightPay Connect add-on. While training at KBM, you will learn payroll processing using the BrightPay payroll accounting software solution. You will learn how to:

  • Add employees
  • Generate payslips
  • Electronically RTI file RTI for HMRC submissions

Alongside you will learn about BrightPay auto-enrolment functionality. You will know how to send the payroll journal directly to the accounts software from BrightPay. Further, you will discover various innovative BrightPay features like:

  • Batch processing
  • Cloud backups 
  • Automated journalling

BrightPay payroll learning also includes:

  • Processing multiple employers simultaneously
  • Finalise payslips
  • Coding notices checking
  • Outstanding CIS & RTI submissions for various employers simultaneously

You will learn BrightPay integration. It gives a fast, easy, and secure way to make payments. It helps in eliminating bank files creation need. Alongside, it helps to handle the associated manual workload for making employees payments, subcontractors and HMRC. We will help you learn BrightPay Connect online employer dashboard. It includes:

  • How to view payslips
  • Payroll running reports
  • Employee leave management
  • Payroll bureaus and data 
  • Synchronising with BrightPay payroll software

BrightPay helps in RTI submission; you can efficiently run a payroll and aids in compliance for electronic payroll submission to HMRC. 

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