BrightPay Payroll and Auto Enrollment

KBM is offering a BrightPay Payroll training course coupled with Auto-Enrollment. You will gain knowledge and practical competence on the whole payroll process. At KBM, we have an in-house chartered accountancy workplace. It is a place where our experienced teachers and certified chartered accountants will help you learn the BrightPay Payroll software solution. 

This practical training course is perfect if you are going to improve your payroll knowledge and skills. BrightPay software is ideal for employee management; it minimises human administration and helps in:

  • Paying employees
  • Automate tax calculations 
  • Submission to HMRC

We are working in digital accounting for over 30 years, where we have worked with various industries and sectors. KBM has massively prepared digital accountants and bookkeepers through qualifications and training. We focus on improving digital capability and professional competence to perform an accounting job role effectively.

Another significance of learning at KBM is an accountancy and bookkeeping practical work experience. You will practically learn BrightPay Payroll and Auto Enrollment on original files at our ACCA Gold Level chartered accountancy firm. It will give you confidence and practical skills to perform independently. The work experience will boost your CV and enhance your employability potential when looking for a job.

BrightPay Payroll training will help you manage employee payroll correctly. You will gain practical skills in payroll management. The training will give you an excellent booster for your employability potential. We will help you gain payroll management skills. Because every employer wants professionals with payroll management skills. While training at KBM, you will learn:

  • About tools and functions identification of BrightPay payroll 
  • About tax coding notifications 
  • Successful payrolls managing strategies
  • Various tax codes meanings
  • How to calculate pension and PAYE 
  • About employee national insurance (NI) contribution 
  • About NI key features

Auto-enrolment is for the benefit of the UK people for retirement. The UK government has estimated around 7 million people do not have savings to spend life smoothly. It is the UK law for every employer to enroll all eligible jobholders into an AE workplace pension’s scheme. On the other hand, employers should also contribute to the employee’s pension pot; this whole process is auto-enrollment. 

While training at KBM, you will also learn about automation and streamlining the auto-enrolment process; you will cover topics like:

  • Ongoing employee monitoring and re-enrolment
  • Employee assessment
  • Enrolment and batch enrolling
  • Postponement
  • Refunds
  • Opt-in requests
  • Opt-out requests
  • Personalised auto-enrolment letters
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