CCH accounts training

KBM is a centre of excellence for learning computerised and cloud accounting. We have in-house experts and experienced accountants to help you at our real accountancy workplace. At KBM, you will have the opportunity of working on actual files. It will help you in gaining competency of independent working at a workplace.

CCH is a perfect accountancy software solution. It helps in preparing complete accounts for submission in HMRC and UK Companies House. KBM has multiple learning methods, including classroom and online. On the other hand, you can complete your course at your desired pace. Hence, you can easily adjust your learning in your daily life schedules.

KBM will help you to learn CCH accountancy software by covering the following contents:

  • How to create an initial accounting period
  • How to review a nominal ledger 
  • Importing trial balance 
  • Learning about support and governance costs
  • Statutory accounts preparation
  • Year-end accounts processing
  • How to develop and maintain a client for accounting purposes
  • How to create a chart of Accounts 
  • Importing financial data for the comparative and current year
  • How to setup entity in the statutory database 
  • Reconciling of imported figures to the last accounts
  • Accounts finalisation at year-end
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Financial statements review
  • Reclassification of data
  • Correction/movement of data
  • Entity mapping
  • Preparing trial balance and nominal ledger reports
  • Editing descriptions of the chart of accounts

CCH training course completion at KBM guarantees that your accounts will satisfy legal compliance and current statutory requirements. You will learn about the automated accounts production process. It will ensure a speedy, high-quality turnaround of final accounts in a short time.

In this course, you will also gain knowledge about bookkeeping and accounting. You will practically practice bookkeeping and accounting concepts. On the other hand, we will help you learn fundamental principles that underpin accounting and bookkeeping. KBM will also help you in learning double-entry bookkeeping and how to create a trial balance. You will learn about balance sheet preparation, profit and loss account.

Uniquely, KBM provides valuable recruitment support. We have industry linkage and partnerships with various recruitment agencies. It helps us connect our candidates with their relevant vacancies. 

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