Payroll Course

The payroll course is suitable for those who need flexible hours to combine work and training. Through payroll course, students will have access to all materials and can study at your own pace. The payroll course also has a tutoring service to solve all the doubts that arise as you progress with the contents. The payroll course offered by KBM training and recruitment is divided into two parts. In the first, you will learn the basic tasks of management accounting. In turn, it is divided into several issues ledgers, balance sheets, general plan accounting and management of fixed assets and income and sales. After learning the role of the accountant in a company, you'll have to specialize in payroll and social security. You know about how to organize the payment of salaries, contributions, or what kind of job offer low accident or maternity. Also, you will calculate withholdings and settlements. The payroll course is intended for owners, general, financial directors, financial and economic services, executives and employees of accounting services and accountants.

Payroll Course Objectives

Below are listed the fundamental objectives of payroll course

  • To systematize the available knowledge to the account of calculations with the personnel on payment to reflect changes in the legal framework
  • To analyze the most common errors in the accounting of settlements with the personnel on payment
  • To discuss approaches to the practice of keeping records of settlements with the personnel on payment.
  • During the three week session of the payroll course you will also be offered an understanding of the following aspects
  • Deductions from wages: the legal and methodological aspects.
  • Determination of the tax status of the payer of personal income tax
  • Retention of personal income tax on the income of non-resident employees
  • Benefits and non-taxable income
  • Taxation of certain types of income
  • The practice of standardizing, social, property, professional deductions
  • Alimony and compensation: base for the calculation, the order, the maximum size, the types of charges for which penalty does not apply
  • New features of the personal income tax in 2015
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