Payroll Training in QuickBooks Software

Whether you're a small business owner or an individual looking to streamline payroll, KBM's comprehensive QuickBooks Online Payroll training programme is your solution. You can accomplish this either through our London and Birmingham classrooms or online throughout the UK.

Specifically designed for QuickBooks users in small businesses, our training covers all aspects of QuickBooks payroll, ensuring you're equipped with the skills to manage your payroll process efficiently.

KBM has been heavily involved in digital accounting for many years, establishing itself as a leading provider of computerised accounting solutions. Our services offer a convenient, all-in-one platform for learning different aspects of accountancy:

  • Mastering accountancy software
  • Achieving accounting qualifications
  • Engaging in hands-on practical training
  • Gaining valuable accountancy work experience
  • Obtaining bookkeeping qualifications and training
  • Understanding digital and cloud-based accounting systems

At KBM, we provide payroll training using QuickBooks software. Our team of certified digital accountants offers personalised support within our Chartered and Certified Registered Auditors, recognised as a Gold Level firm by the ACCA.

Through our QuickBooks software training programme, you'll receive extensive practical training supervised by certified accountants. You'll work with actual business files and real-case scenarios. By the end of your training, you'll have the skills and confidence to manage payroll functions effectively.

Additionally, we offer professional accountancy work experience through our Chartered and Certified Registered Auditors, which are acknowledged as a Gold Level firm by the ACCA. This experience is crucial for meeting the essential work experience requirements when seeking job opportunities.

Learn payroll with KBM's QuickBooks software training

Led by seasoned tutors, our QuickBooks Online training at KBM provides comprehensive lessons tailored for QuickBooks users. Whether new to Intuit QuickBooks or seeking to refine your skills, our QBO online training offers flexibility and convenience.

With our QuickBooks online tutor at KBM, you'll gain hands-on experience and confidence in effective payroll management. Discover QuickBooks payroll's cost-effective advantages, ensuring your payroll costs remain manageable.

QuickBooks' accounting software payroll training course at KBM will help you learn various payroll processes and information like gathering, recording, preparing, paying, retaining, and communicating; you will learn how to:

  • Prepare multiple payroll forms and reports
  • Prepare timely and relevant payroll
  • Process payroll payments
  • Perform payroll 

Topics in our QuickBooks software payroll training?

This practical payroll training course is perfect for those aiming to excel in the digital accounting domain. During your training at KBM, you'll master payroll management using QuickBooks software, covering:

  • Understanding payroll legislation: Gain knowledge and understanding of payroll legislation to ensure compliance with legal requirements.
  • Entering new employee data: Learn how to accurately enter new employee data into QuickBooks for seamless payroll processing.
  • Payroll journal entries: Master the process of payroll journal entries to maintain accurate financial records.
  • Form 941 creation and analysis: Learn to accurately create and analyse Form 941 to report quarterly federal taxes.
  • Form 940 analysis: Become capable of analysing Form 940 to report annual federal unemployment tax accurately.
  • Forms W-2 & W-3 creation: Learn how to create Forms W-2 & W-3 to report employee wages and taxes to the IRS.
  • Year-end payroll tax reconciliation: Understand how to reconcile year-end payroll tax to ensure accurate tax reporting.
  • Payroll register development: Develop and examine a payroll register to track employee earnings and deductions efficiently.
  • Employee data collection: Learn where to gather the necessary data for adding a new employee to the QuickBooks payroll.
  • Federal income tax calculation: You will understand how to accurately calculate federal income tax (FIT) deductions based on IRS regulations.
  • Social Security calculation: Learn how to calculate Social Security deductions accurately to ensure compliance with federal requirements.
  • National unemployment calculation: You will master calculating National Unemployment taxes based on state guidelines.
  • Medicare calculation: Learn how to calculate Medicare deductions accurately to comply with federal healthcare regulations.
  • Employer payroll tax calculation: Understand employer payroll tax calculation to ensure accurate tax reporting and compliance.
  • Deductions treatment in QuickBooks: Gain insight into mandatory and voluntary deductions and their treatment in QuickBooks for accurate payroll processing.
  • Addressing payroll problems: Learn how to tackle payroll problems effectively to maintain payroll accuracy and compliance.

Benefits of studying QuickBooks at KBM

Unlocking the potential of QuickBooks software at KBM provides many benefits, such as:

  • Flexibility in learning: Study at your own pace and convenience, whether on the go or at home, using your mobile device or computer.
  • Expertly crafted modules: You will have access to well-designed modules created by seasoned tutors, ensuring easy comprehension and practical learning.
  • Boosting earning potential: Develop valuable professional skills with QuickBooks, enhancing your prospects for career advancement and increased income.
  • Immediate feedback: You will receive prompt feedback through various assessment methods, including multiple-choice questions and mock exams, aiding in your learning progress.
  • Continuous support: You can benefit from round-the-clock assistance and guidance from our dedicated support teams, available through live chat and email.

KBM's support for your learning

  • Personalised workplace-based sessions conducted by highly qualified accountants and Xero Advisors ensure hands-on learning tailored to your needs.
  • After completing QuickBooks software training, you'll receive a certificate to showcase your expertise.
  • We support ACCA and AAT PER and assist you in meeting professional requirements.
  • As part of the KBM Group, you'll have access to work placement opportunities, gaining invaluable real-world experience.
  • We offer software installation and ongoing support to ensure you have the tools and resources needed for success.
  • Gain practical accountancy work experience to strengthen your skills and knowledge.
  • Receive a reference letter to highlight your training and experience to potential employers.
  • We provide recruitment assistance, including CV preparation, interview guidance, and job-hunting tips, to support your transition into the workforce.

Moreover, our courses are tailored to accommodate busy schedules, helping you to balance your studies with other commitments while progressing towards your career aspiration.

You can sign up at KBM for any other accountancy software, such as CCH, IRIS, SAP, Sage One, SAPA, Xero, MS Excel, Oracle Financials, Sage CIS, Sage Compliance, Sage 50, BrightPay, Sage Payroll, Sage CIS. 

Take the chance to excel with QuickBooks accounting software at KBM. Enrol in our comprehensive training today for expert guidance and thorough lessons.

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