QuickBooks Payroll Training

KBM is focusing on digital accounting for decades. Now we have become a leading computerised accounting provider. KBM provides you with a one-window solution to learn:

  • Accountancy software
  • Accounting qualifications
  • Practical accountancy training
  • Accountancy work experience
  • Bookkeeping qualifications and training
  • Digital and cloud accounting

At KBM, we offer various popular accounting software solutions learning. Our certified digital accountants will provide you with 1:1 support at our chartered accountancy firm. You will undergo extensive practical training under our certified accountants on actual business files. At your training completion, you will become competent to perform an accounting or bookkeeping job role effectively. 

On the other hand, we will provide you with professional accountancy work experience from our charted accountancy firm. The firm is ACCA recognised at Gold Level. Hence, you will fulfil the essential work experience requirement when applying for a job. 

QuickBooks payroll training course at KBM will help you learn various payroll processes and information like gathering, recording, preparing, paying, retaining, and communicating; you will learn how to:

  • Perform payroll 
  • Prepare timely and relevant payroll
  • Process payroll payments
  • Prepare various payroll forms and reports

This practical training course is ideal for you if you want to excel in the digital accounting field. While training at KBM, you will gain total command over QuickBook payroll; you will:

  • Gain payroll legislation knowledge and understanding.
  • Learn how to enter new employee data into QuickBooks 
  • Payroll journal entries 
  • How to create and analyse Form 941 
  • Become capable of analysing Form 940 
  • How to create Forms W-2 & W-3
  • How to reconcile year-end payroll tax
  • How to develop and examine a payroll register
  • Learn where to gather the necessary data for adding a new employee
  • Understand how to calculate federal income tax (FIT)
  • How to calculate social security
  • How to calculate National unemployment
  • How to calculate medicare
  • Learn about employer payroll taxes calculation
  • Gain understanding about mandatory and voluntary deductions and their treatment into QuickBooks
  • Learn how to take up payroll problem entries into QuickBooks

You can sign up at KBM any other accountancy software like CCH, IRIS, SAP, Sage One, SAPA, Xero, MS Excel, Oracle Financials, Sage CIS, Sage Compliance, Sage 50, BrightPay, Sage Payroll, and Sage CIS. 

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