Sage Accounts Production with hand-on practical training

KBM is contributing to computerised accounting for decades. Digitisation has brought innovation in all sectors and industries. Hence, digital accounting is now essential everywhere across the globe. KBM has become a centre of excellence for digital accounting. We have the honour of preparing professional digital accountants for almost all sectors. 

We focus on improving your workplace competence and capability of performing an accounting job role effectively. Employers across the UK are looking for those candidates who have accountancy work experience. Choosing KBM training programmes means you are at an ideal learning place. We will train you through massive practical training on original files at our accountancy workplace. At KBM, our highly qualified digital accountants will provide you with a one to one support. We will also provide you with a professional accountancy work experience certificate at completion along with your course completion certificate. Hence, you are meeting all the requirements which every employer is looking for from a candidate.

After Sage Accounts Production training, you will become capable of performing the job roles like:

  • Digital Bookkeeper
  • Digital Assistant Accountant
  • Bookkeeper/Office Manager
  • Finance Assistant
  • Purchase Ledger Clerk
  • Sales Ledger Clerk

Sage is a popular accountancy software. The majority of employers rely on Sage. Sage Accounts Production Training course at KBM will help you become capable of preparing full accounts effectively. These Sage training courses will also help you learn the preparation of Sage company accounts. This Sage course will help you how to:

  • Process a company’s data 
  • Prepare a company accounts
  • Manage general company accounts
  • Drafting statutory accounts
  • Finalising statutory accounts
  • Set up a company
  • Work on data set settings
  • Work on multiple journals
  • Process nominal leder
  • Prepare accounts at yead-end
  • Prepare statutory members’ accounts
  • Prepare dormant accounts
  • Prepare abbreviated accounts
  • Export accounting data to Sage taxation

The course is ideal if you are:

  • studying AAT, FIA, CIPFA CA, ACCA, CIMA, or other accounting or finance qualifications.
  • having some accountancy qualification or background but no accountancy work experience.
  • new to computerised or digital accounting.
  • having overseas work experience but not in the UK.
  • a business owner looking to maintain your accounts and payroll in-house.
  • an employer looking to train your accountancy staff for in-house bookkeeping or payroll.
  • an accountant looking to establish your accountancy business.

In addition to Sage Accounts Production, you can choose KBM to learn a wide range of accounting software. You can select other accounting software solutions to learn at KBM, including MS Excel | QuickBooks | Sage CIS | Sage Compliance | Sage 50 | BrightPay | Sage Payroll | CCH | IRIS | SAP | Sage One | SAPA | Xero | Oracle Financials | Sage CIS 

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