Sage Corporation Tax practical training

KBM is offering Sage Corporation Tax (CT) practical training. It will help you in preparing and submitting Corporation Tax returns to HMRC. We will help you to learn and use Sage through massive practical accountancy training.

Corporation Tax is a complex taxation area; you can make costly mistakes if you do not adequately appreciate the rules. KBM will help you in completing this Corporation Tax return comprehensive course. You will understand the rules and their application. The course will make you capable of using the most effective ways, which ensure the correct payment for Corporation Tax. It also guides you about available tax reliefs.

You will gain knowledge of procedural compliance to ensure that you are meeting the filing deadlines. Timely tax payments reduce HMRC levying unwanted penalties risks and interest charging.

At KBM, you will learn through extensive practical accountancy training at our charted accountancy workplace on the actual case scenario. Our high calibre accountants and tax professionals will help you know all about Corporation Tax (CT). 

KBM is a perfect place where you can gain the capability of preparing CT600 (Corporation Tax Return). While training at KBM, you will cover the following topics:

  • Importing statutory accounts from SAP to SCT
  • Set up a company in SCT
  • Creating return
  • Correcting errors
  • Creating IXBRL Format Accounts for online submission
  • CT600 draft preparation
  • Main or Stub Return.
  • Online Submission to HMRC

You will gain knowledge and understanding about:

  • The basis of Corporation Tax
  • Accounting periods
  • Difference between revenue and capital expenditure
  • Loan relationships 
  • Corporation Tax profits computing 
  • Deal with loan interest
  • Dealing with rental income
  • Allowed expenses for Corporation Tax purposes
  • Adjusting to trading profits
  • Tax liability calculation
  • Capital allowances and their treatment
  • Capital gains treatment
  • Dealing with losses
  • Completing the Company Tax return
  • Fulfilling the filing compliance and making payment
  • Penalties and interest charges
  • Completing and filing the Company Tax Return – CT600
  • Double taxation relief
  • R&D Expenditure relief
  • Directors Loans
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