Study Programmes

All young students and learners should participate in education till the end of the academic year they turn 18. Study programmes can be undertaken at a further education college or with a training provider.

Suitability of Study Programmes

The Study Programme supports 16-19 years old students to achieve qualifications and employability skills to progress into further education, apprenticeship or employment. Study programmes are flexible include mix of qualifications, including English and Maths for young student who want to achieve GCSE A*- C, and work experience.

Initial Assessment

A comprehensive schedule of initial assessment would be undertaken with young people to ensure that programme aims, qualifications and support are individualised to students need. The individual Study Programmes are based on students’ need and their initial and ongoing assessment and review. The central element of the programme will be an accredited learning aim or work experience, in line with planned progression preparation.

Study Programmes Coverage

Study Programmes would cover a broad range of levels of provision and take into account students’ prior learning and current assessment. Students will undertake learning at the level above their prior learning wherever possible. Students on full time programmes (those on a study programme of at least 540 planned hours if age 16 to 17 or at least 450 hours if age 18) and possessing a GCSE ‘D’ or Level 2 Functional Skills qualification in English and/or Maths work towards a relevant GCSE qualification. Students completing programmes of less than 150 planned hours are not required to have English and/or Maths as part of their programme.

Progression & Benefits

Study programmes would support and develop students’ employability and maximise their opportunities for progression. In many cases this will be in the context of a vocational area/sector. For all students, but particularly for those who are vocationally unsure or require additional support and guidance a robust schedule of information, advice and guidance will be provided for students programmes with particular focus on key transition points such as entry to programme, induction, agreeing learning plan, ongoing reviews and progression planning.

  • Help in career selection – progression
  • Pre apprenticeship preparation
  • Studying at university
  • Setting up a business

Funding Support / Bursaries

Bursaries are available for young people aged 16-19 on a Study Programme or Traineeship, if you are studying in publically funded school or college. Bursaries cover cost related to clothing, books and allied equipment of the course; transport & lunch are also cover during the study programmes.

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