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The business world is full of uncertainty, vary unexpected ups and downs are the part of the routine. But, still the business cannot be managed and operated without accounting and finance functions that’s why the skilled and qualified accountants are everlasting demanded and rewarded well. If you are interested in starting tour career in this field or a trainee accountant, choose the suitable option of your choice and step up towards your path of success. Mainly there are four types of accounting jobs in the market:

  • Public accountant  A public accountant is a common accounting professional who provides his services to individuals, private firms, retail and corporate. Auditing, taxation and accounting consultation are the main functions in this field. Passing the CPA examination is the ideal qualification here, by obtaining which a candidate can either choose to work with any large organization or a corporate business, or be may start his own accounting firm to assist, guide and help the other businesses.

    When a public accountant decided to work independently, he has to run the business on his own responsibility and has to find and maintain the client base. Forensic accounting is an attractive and thrilling part of this usually bore kind, paper work job.

  • Government accountant  Choosing the work for the government (federal, state or local), is also a good option for a trainee accountant. He may join Internal Revenue services (IRS). Here the job responsibilities include accounting for governmental bodies and auditing and taxation work related to the private companies and persons who are subjected to governmental taxation regulations. A governmental accountant is comparatively paid less than a public accountant.
  • Internal accountant  The term internal accounting means of keeping and maintaining of accounts of an accounting firm by its own chief official. This is the method to evaluate the efficiency of the firm by its own executives. The governmental law has also pressurized the management of accounting agency to self-maintain their records, statements and take the whole responsibility. This field requires the CIA (Certified Internal Accountant) diploma which quite similar to (CPA Certified Public Accountant).
  • Management accounting  A management accountant is regular staff of a company or an enterprise who is responsible for the entire internal accounting functions such as recording, maintaining and analyzing the internal financial information. In the detailed meaning he has to deal with budgeting, cost management and company’s efficiency evaluation. At the beginning a new comer starts working as an internal accountant and by the time and experience, he reaches to the highest level management accountant position. The required qualifications are much similar to the CIA or CPA certification courses which is obtained after passing the four part examination.
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