Final Accounts Training in Xero Accounting Software

At KBM, we offer Final Accounts training using Xero accounting software. This training is ideal for accountants or other senior-level accounting professionals. Businesses in the UK must make financial reports by law. Our Final Accounts training with Xero helps you prepare, share, keep, and submit final accounts as UK Companies House requires.

Over three decades, KBM has been a part of the accounting and finance sectors. We've focused on the Xero accounting system and digitalisation for over 30 years. Our team of digital accounting experts and Xero Advisors will guide you through practical learning in preparing Final Accounts using Xero.

Practical training for adequate Final Accounts preparation

During your training, you'll gain hands-on experience in our AACA Gold Level Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors. This will build your confidence in preparing Final Accounts effectively. Additionally, we'll teach you the complete accounting cycle through practical training, including bookkeeping and preparing VAT returns.

After that, you'll learn how to close year-end books using Xero cloud accounting software. We'll also help you prepare a company's accounting file, including calculating corporation tax. Final accounts are vital to show a company's financial position and profitability to its owners and stakeholders. With Xero for small businesses and sole traders, you'll be equipped to handle accounting needs efficiently.

Benefits of KBM's training programme

KBM provides a comprehensive package of benefits to support your learning journey, including:

  • Personalised workplace-based sessions with highly qualified accountants and Xero Advisors.
  • Xero software training completion certificate.
  • ACCA/AAT PER support.
  • Work placement opportunities within the KBM Group.
  • Flexible programme completion at your desired pace.
  • Software installation and support.
  • Accountancy work experience.
  • Reference letter.
  • Recruitment assistance, including CV preparation, interview guidance, and job-hunting tips.

What will you learn from the Final Accounts training?

You will learn to record financial transactions in journals and post entries in a ledger in Xero accounting software, enabling you to prepare balanced and final accounts. During the Final Accounts training in Xero software, you will gain knowledge and skills about:

  • Introduction: Get acquainted with Xero accounting software as you explore its fundamental features and functionalities.
  • Entering data: Master the art of accurately inputting data into Xero to uphold precise financial records tailored to your business needs.
  • Accounts set: Establish and organise your accounts within Xero to manage and categorise your financial transactions effectively.
  • Create accounts set: Customise your account sets in Xero to reflect your business operations' unique financial structure and requirements.
  • Manage accounts set: Efficiently oversee and manage your account sets within Xero to ensure smooth financial operations and reporting.
  • Entering a trial balance: Learn to enter trial balances in Xero to reconcile accounts and verify financial accuracy.
  • Statutory accounts preparation: Utilising Xero's robust tools and features to prepare statutory accounts in compliance with legal requirements.
  • Standard trial balance: Generate standard trial balances in Xero to assess your company's financial standing and performance accurately.
  • Comparative trial balance: You will learn to analyse financial data across different periods using Xero's comparative trial balance feature to gain valuable insights into your business's performance.
  • Extended trial balance: Dive deeper into your financial data with Xero's extended trial balance feature to conduct a detailed analysis.
  • Trial balance populating: Automate the trial balance population in Xero to streamline your accounting processes and save time.
  • CSV file importing: Easily import CSV files into Xero to efficiently manage and update your financial records.
  • Monthly management accounts preparation: You will know how to prepare comprehensive monthly management accounts in Xero to track your business's performance and make informed decisions.
  • Chart of accounts: Customise and manage your chart of accounts in Xero to categorise and track your financial transactions effectively.
  • Year-end accounts preparation and audit process: Navigate through the year-end accounts preparation and audit process with Xero's guidance and support.
  • Nominal accounts creating: Create nominal accounts in Xero to classify and track specific financial activities tailored to your business requirements.
  • Managing accounts preview content: Review and manage account content in Xero to ensure accuracy and relevance to your business operations.
  • Nominal groups list: Organise and group-related accounts efficiently using Xero's nominal groups list feature for better management and reporting.
  • How to prepare dormant accounts and filing: Learn the process of preparing dormant accounts and filing them correctly within Xero to maintain compliance with regulations.
  • Nominal groups: Utilise Xero's nominal groups feature to organise and categorise your financial transactions efficiently.
  • Create journals: Record and adjust financial transactions accurately by creating journals in Xero to maintain precise financial records.
  • Prior period adjustments: Make necessary adjustments to earlier periods in Xero to correct errors or account for changes in financial data accurately.
  • Final Accounts Companies House submission: Submit final accounts directly to Companies House from Xero to ensure compliance and transparency effortlessly.
  • Control accounts finalisation: Finalise control accounts within Xero to ensure accuracy and integrity in your financial records.
  • Software navigation: Seamlessly navigate through Xero's intuitive interface to easily access all its powerful accounting features and functionalities.

Join KBM for comprehensive Final Accounts training in Xero accounting software to boost your skills and career!

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