Xero Payroll Training

KBM is offering Xero Payroll training; that is equally perfect for individuals and businesses. It means our training will help you run your business payroll, or you are an accountant or bookkeeper looking to learn Xero payroll.

We at KBM are focusing on digital accounting for decades; we prepared digital accountants and bookkeepers for almost all the industries across the UK. We design our training programmes as per employers requirements as we collaborate with employers of various sectors. 

KBM believes in workplace competence, and we are following this aim by preparing accounting and bookkeeping professionals through extensive practical accountancy training. You will gain valuable training in our ACCA Gold Level chartered accountancy firm on original files. Our Xero Advisor and certified accountants will help you while training at KBM. 

Alongside Xero Payroll training, you will gain valuable accountancy work experience. The accounting work experience will help you boost your CV and workplace working capability. It will fulfil the employers demand about work experience when applying for a job.

At your training completion at KBM, you will become capable of Xero payroll set up and complete pay runs. KBM will help you learn Xero Payroll by covering the following topics:

  • UK HMRC tax settings
  • Payroll opening balances
  • Adding a new employee
  • Assigning time off to an employee
  • How to set up time off balance
  • How to reverse the pay run
  • Where to find payroll reports
  • Xero payroll settings, including payable and liability accounts
  • Payroll calendar explanation
  • Workplace pension
  • Pay items that go onto the payslip
  • Manual tax adjustments during the pay run
  • Payroll payment and tracking
  • Payrun setting on a payroll calendar
  • Payslips provision to employees via email
  • Where to create earlier year updates
  • How to update CIS
  • Unscheduled payment run
  • Setting up a trial version 
  • Resetting the demo company on Xero
  • Setting up payroll process from scratch 
  • Organisation settings
  • Pension
  • UK tax registration 
  • Nominal codes 
  • Set up employee details with time off, tax, including any balances
  • Payroll reporting
  • How to access CIS and earlier year update.
  • Ad-hoc pay runs
  • How to revert the posted pay run

Join KBM, a centre of excellence for digital accounting. You can also choose our AAT accountancy learning programmes. IFA endorses our blended accountancy training programmes. You can choose to learn other accounting software solutions like Sage Payroll, CCH, IRIS, SAP, MS Excel, Sage Compliance, Sage 50, BrightPay, Sage One, SAPA, Xero, Oracle Financials, QuickBooks, Sage CIS, and Sage CIS. 

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