QuickBooks Payroll Accounting, a perfect employees payments solution

May 10, 2023

The payroll accounting process is about timely and correctly paying employees' salaries and wages while complying with legal and tax obligations. Also, effective payroll management helps avoid making employees unhappy and maintains pleasant working environments.

There are many considerations with Payroll Accounting. These considerations include paying employees adequately, sending correct forms, legislation, compliance, and tax filing. This blog will help you thoroughly understand payroll accounting and how to start it. 

QuickBooks software provides perfect payroll accounting and management solutions. It automatically sends payslips, manages pensions and makes HMRC submissions. Also, it enhances productivity alongside being a time saver during the process.

What is payroll management?

The payroll management process is about working hours tracking, calculating and distributing salaries and wages of employees. It includes calculating employees' accurate voluntary and statutory deductions. The payroll accounting process also calculates employees' gross and net pay calculations for the payment period. It can be monthly or more frequently. Further, the payroll process needs the following activities:

  • Personnel data protection and care
  • Employee forms maintenance
  • Working out payroll taxes
  • Payroll running

Also, the obligations include preparing and filing end-of-year payroll accounting reports. Such reports assist HMRC in checking and confirming the payment of expenses, benefits, and taxes of your business. The end-of-year statements also involve employees. It helps provide employees with a P60 form, a breakdown of annual gross and net pay, taxes and National Insurance Contributions.

The payroll processing can be challenging if you need help understanding it correctly. Also, accounting software makes your payroll management more effortless. QuickBooks is among the leading payroll accounting software. QuickBooks certifications with practical training properly equip you with the required skills and knowledge.

Is your payroll management system up to scratch?

Proper payroll accounting becomes essential as soon as you employ your first staff member. The significant aspect, especially for the year-end reports, is correctly calculating salaries, wages, deductibles and taxes. QuickBooks' automated system payroll management so easier.

Otherwise, you may adopt the risky way, like relying on your calculations, formulas, and manual data entry to get you by. Accountants often face cumbersome clients' payroll records on their desks. They face calculating each payroll run for the entire year using their client's out-of-date spreadsheets. 

How do you manage your payroll correctly?

Payroll accounting has various things to manage. It takes up much time in manual doing or separately from your current accounting system. Further, proper payroll management requires you to comply with payroll and regulatory guidelines. But what does this mean? It means staying up-to-date on the following points:

  • Current tax rates
  • Tracking holiday 
  • Stock options
  • Sickness pay
  • Overtime
  • Benefits 

How can you use an automated payroll solution?

There's so much to remember while managing vendors, deadlines, customers and employees. QuickBooks can simplify everything by automating your payroll processes. You do not need to copy the figures from your payroll calculator or third-party payroll service into QuickBooks.

It is Online software with a Cloud facility which carries significant benefits like:

  • Better job tracking, billing and matching hours to jobs 
  • Maintain a central source for all employee data 
  • More efficient data reporting and budgeting 
  • Eliminating the transposition errors possibility
  • Confidently track tax rates changes
  • Payroll process perfect automation

Integrating your payroll management systems

Most accountants and bookkeepers suggest that their clients use a fully integrated accounting system. QuickBooks is ideal, which ensures proper time management, accuracy and reliability. We are in a modern age, so sweating over spreadsheets, manual calculations, and reconciliations is history. QuickBooks manages various business aspects like:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Inventory 
  • Payroll
  • VAT