VAT Return Training with hands-on Experience

"KBM provides practical VAT return training on the Sage as a part of practical accountancy training. It includes bookkeeping and submission to HMRC systems."

We will help you by performing a VAT return. It will include when and how VAT is mandatory. Join our VAT return training course at KBM. It will ensure that you have a perfect understanding of the fundamentals of VAT and its application in a business.

  • VAT training for preparation and submission
  • What is a VAT return?
  • How to prepare a perfect VAT return for HMRC?
  • CPD training for accountants
  • Contents of the VAT training
  • VAT training is suitable for whom?
  • How will VAT training help you?
  • Availability of the class at KBM
  • VAT return training fees

VAT training for preparation and submission

At KBM, we will help you how to prepare and submit the VAT return. Our training will help you to stand out of the crowd of the VAT job applicants. Furthermore, if you are running your business or considering to operate a business, our training is perfect for you. The VAT return preparation training will help you to understand the critical points about the VAT more clearly and process the VAT return more efficiently. The VAT training programmes at KBM are available for accountants. Attending this VAT training programme will give you a more understanding of how to apply a VAT return effectively.

What is a VAT return?

Almost all the businesses present their VAT return. It includes input and output VAT information to submit in the HMRC. Through the VAT return, the HMRC understands completely how much the business owes to them. Further, the HMRC will pay back any VAT amount that is overcompensated. You can only determine through an accurate VAT return.

How to prepare a perfect VAT return for HMRC?

First, a business requires to register itself with the HMRC before they prepare a VAT Return. The firm has to fulfil the guidelines as pre-requisite to register themselves as to VAT registered company and to get a VAT registration number. When a business is a VAT registered, they can submit the VAT return by using detailed VAT forms. Various VAT schemes are commonly available. Also, some specific VAT schemes are available only for the industries.

CPD training for accountants

Our CPD programme is acceptable as CPD training for accountants or other finance executives and professional. Gaining this CPD course will prepare you to claim six hours for CPD purposes. Many finance professionals, auditors, and other accounting experts are required to maintain CPD throughout their accounting profession.

Contents of the VAT training

The contents of the VAT training course include:

  • Introduction to Making Tax Digital(VAT) scheme
  • Introduction of TOMS (Tour Operator Margin Scheme)
  • Preparing VAT in Spreadsheet
  • Analysis of different VAT Scheme
  • Counting VAT for a business with standard-rated sales, mixed zero-rated and using Spreadsheet
  • Import and Export VAT report
  • Reconciliation of VAT
  • Submission Steps of VAT Return to HMRC
  • Understanding VAT Principles
  • Completing a VAT return

VAT training is suitable for whom?

All finance professionals and accountants need updated knowledge and skills of primary principles and rules of the VAT to apply in the businesses. It will be useful for the individuals who have not worked for a value-added tax for a few years but want to go back into their field and need to refresh their knowledge and skills.

What will you achieve from the VAT return training?

  • Solutions of typical problem areas and outlining the opportunities
  • To update yourself on recent VAT developments
  • Knowledge of the fundamentals of the UK VAT

How will VAT training help you?

  • We provide VAT training on Sage software in the UK, and sometimes for our foreign clients.
  • It is instead a complicated job that is time-consuming to work. But still, with our training from the VAT professionals, you can prove you and your team have the essential knowledge and skills to calculate your VAT payments easily.
  • Our VAT training will encourage you to a multitude of job seekers. 
  • KBM's VAT training will include all aspects of VAT applied in the accounting processes used on a regular base within the majority of companies and organisations.
  • VAT training makes prominent the importance of completing VAT returns accurately.
  • How you will practice the VAT rules and regulations in the maintenance and preparation of bookkeeping reports.
  • Skill using MS Excel spreadsheets.
  • Knowledge and work experience of using computerised bookkeeping and payroll packages like QuickBooks, Sage, Sage Payroll, IRIS, VT or TAS

Alongside, if you are thinking to run a business, our VAT training programme will help you to understand the critical points concerning the VAT precisely. It will support you to process VAT returns correctly and efficiently. Our VAT training programmes are available CPD for finance professionals and accountants. Hence, it will give you a more accurate understanding of how to prepare and submit a VAT return precisely.

Availability of the class at KBM

We conduct various classes on VAT training programmes throughout the year due to higher demand. So contact our course adviser to explore more about our intake of Tax courses in the UK.

Why VAT return training with KBM?

We have approved training centres from Sage, AAT, NCFE and OCR with a wealth of experience in the accounting field. Expert and high calibre accounting professionals will help you during the VAT return training. Alongside, we will give you useful guidance on VAT return by utilising the actual file for practising. Not only this, but we will help you in preparing your CV, mock interviews, and Job-hunting tips and support. Other benefits will include:

  • Highly qualified tutors
  • 24/7 student support to complete your practice and career goals
  • Exam booking service
  • Work placement in our network of employers
  • Provides detailed study material
  • Exam preparation kit
  • Free accounting software training
  • 24/7 online access to our VLC
  • E-portfolio to register your training programme at our North, West, East London, and Birmingham as well
  • Flexible payment methods (Credit card, Debit card, Cash, PayPal, and Bank Transfer as well)

VAT return training fees

Our VAT return training programme has options to learn through classroom or online. You need to contact us to get information about the course charges and whether you qualify for the course. Our cost is very economical as compared to others.

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