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"High-quality accounting courses such as ACCA and AAT are highly essential for your career in accountancy. We, KBM are here to provide you with the best career advice along with tips on online job hunting."

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  • What is the perfect AAT accounting qualification?
  • Why choose accountancy as your specialism
  • Get a job or accounting apprenticeship
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  • A freelance career in a bookkeeping

AAT Course

Although many people are working in accounting job roles has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in addition to their professional qualifications. Alongside, you can secure an entry-level job and develop your work experience in this way. 

The other option you have is an accounting apprenticeship, which is 1-2 years programme offered by the AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians). The AAT gives a wide range of professional and specialised qualifications for the accounting and finance sectors. The AAT Level 4 diploma course in accounting is the highest (proportionate to a foundation degree).

We deliver AAT courses through classroom or online or distance learning method. Part and full-time study choices are also available for you. Blended learning for ATT courses is also open. It is a combination of classroom study with the flexible option of distance learning. Therefore you are comfortable to gain the AAT qualification within the way that suits you.

Become an accountant

People in masses want to work in the accounting field. Many people are working in the accounting sector across the world. Majority people have a desire to become an accountant as their future career. Accountancy is one of the perfect career choices for those who are interested in necessary calculations. It will make you ready to work with the facts and figures of a firm or institute. Every business, as per the law, must keep their accounting books to see their performance and to provide tax details to the HMRC. Here the role of an accountant or a bookkeeper comes in. Please some guidelines for the individuals who are seeking their career in accounting and finance.

What is the perfect AAT accounting qualification?

The AAT qualifications start from the basic level expected from an accountant. But you can become a chartered accountant through the AAT. After the AAT you will move toward the ACA, ACCA, or CIMA. Although many accountants hold a university degree, it is still desirable. It can be a prerequisite for a job role; the degree will be in a specific subject.

Why choose accountancy as your specialism

Accounting careers have to segments; one is management accounting, and the other is financial accounting. These segments have different specialist areas like budgeting and financial analysis or working as a financial controller. We help you to differentiate between management and financial accounting as under:

  • Management accounting provides information to the individuals inside a company. 
  • Financial accounting gives information to the exterior of a company like shareholders.

Although the law does not require management accounting because it includes specific products, financial accounting have the whole company. Majority graduates enter in accountancy via financial bookkeeping. It will give you many career prospects like:

  • accounting in forensic
  • business recovery & insolvency
  • auditing
  • taxation
  • corporate finance

Get a job or accounting apprenticeship

The worth of real-life accounting work is unlimited despite the importance of qualifications to become built up within the industry. Your regular study will complement your career as a full-time job. It will reflect like an ideal opportunity for the graduates to enhance the essential skills. Getting an accountancy training will enable you to perform while studying for a recognised accounting qualification.

You will be able to explore work in the public or private sector. You can work the organisation of any size; it includes large and small companies. With the passage of time, you will become a capable focus on your favourite working environment. You can get benefit from the opportunities that are directly accessible from employers. You only need to look out for a job role which suite your qualification.

Accounting apprenticeships are a practical alternate option to the university. You will have a fast-track option to complete a chartered status with the worldwide recognised bodies like ACCA and ICAEW. When you get an apprenticeship option, you will gain practical skills while earning as a full-time job with the benefits like a holiday remittance as the other staff at a company.

Get accounting work experience

Work experience is another way to enter in the accounting industry. It can be whether a work placement or a part-time role or deliberate working. Of course, the work-shadowing will help you analyse the kinds of accounting practices you can do. You can any time contact KBM for a work experience.

Summer accounting internships with prominent financial institute like Deloitte or PwC are always competitive because of the oversubscription. However, any accounting work experience will increase your potential for a full-time job in accounting and finance. Regularly check the websites of the organisation you like to for any current positions. You can get work placement by sending written applications to small or large companies near you within the monetary sector. 

If you are studying in a university, check the possibilities of volunteering to become the treasurer of a society or club. You can also explore the option for part-time work. It will help you to develop skills in accounting. You will have an opportunity to work on actual projects and monitor your workload so you will gain critical accounting skills and capabilities. Many professionals and managers support trainee accountant during their study for accounting qualifications. When you have work experience, it will be an excellent addition to your CV. It will help you on your way to getting to be a qualified accountant.

A freelance career in a bookkeeping

AAT accounting qualification transforms an individual into a qualified accountant. AAT will help you to turn in to your career into an accounting and finance sector.

If you are fresh, you can start a successful career in accounting and finance. Many students working as an accountant are earning a reasonable remuneration after completing the AAT qualification. The AAT qualification is accepted across the world. After your success in AAT exams, the individuals want to start their career in bookkeeping or accounting can find an employer or work independently.

When you work as freelance bookkeepers or accountants, you can work independently. Because they gain much experience in the accounting field. There are various tasks for an independent accountant or bookkeeper. Those individuals who have long experience in the accounting sector can only practice as a freelance accountant or a bookkeeperAs a bookkeeper, you would perform hand-on bookkeeping tasks like:

  • Reconciling sales invoices, payments and receipts
  • Prepare analysis of income and expense
  • Keeping your clients up-to-date with the business performance
  • Keeping clients up to date with their business performance
  • Preparing and submitting VAT returns
  • Management accounts
  • Payroll Processing
  • VAT returns Preparation
  • Checking bank statements of the company
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