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Every business needs to run payroll for their employees and submit reports to HMRC. Payroll is a vital skill required by employers in the accountancy sector. Our payroll courses can help you in getting knowledge and certification.

If you are looking for a payroll course that covers both the theoretical and computerised elements, look no further. We have designed a unique payroll training program where you will be covering the HMRC legislation and practical aspects of payroll using different payroll software such as Xero Payroll, QuickBooks Payroll and Sag 50 Payroll. In this payroll course you will be learning how to process the payments of employees, generate pay slips, deal with statutory payments (sick leave, maternity leave and paternity leave), produce reports from software and submit FPS and EPS to HMRC.

If you're looking for a role as a Payroll Administrator or payroll supervisor then our Sage Payroll training program is ideal for you. You'll be given all the training to make sure that you are fully prepared and up to date with the latest legal requirements including RTI. Training will involve all aspects of PAYE including income tax, national insurance contributions, SSP, SMP and related payroll forms using Sage 50 Payroll.

Our Sage Payroll training program is fully practical and is delivered by industry leading professionals using real business documents. This training program covers all the skills needed to secure the job as a Payroll Administrator.


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Contents of Sage Payroll Training using Sage 50 Payroll

  • Understanding UK legislation relating to payroll
  • PAYE and NIC contributions using Sage payroll 50
  • Adding employees and creating pay elements
  • Processing payments and generating pre-update reports
  • Employer Alignment Submission (EAS), Full Payment Submission (FPS)
  • Employer Payment Summary (EPS), National Insurance Verification Request (NVR)
  • Departments and Employee Analysis
  • Calculating and processing SSP, SMP and SPP
  • Updating software with leavers and joiners and generating the forms (P45 and P46)
  • Understanding year-end procedures
  • Generating pay slips and submitting PAYE to HMRC on behalf of employees
  • Issuing P60’s to employees at the end of tax year

Payroll training can also be completed as part our Bookkeeping and Payroll Practical Training program. If you are new to payroll management systems and are interested to learn about the fundamentals of payroll, we recommend you to start learning all the basic principles and practices of how to run a manual payroll system. After progressing further you can further learn to run a computerized payroll system. However, if you acquire sufficient experience in payroll management, you can significantly benefit from our sage payroll courses. The payroll courses can be broadly classified into three types. A brief overview of all the three subtypes of payroll is provided in the subsequent sections.

Sage 50 Payroll

The Sage 50 payroll is among the most important payroll courses and is specifically developed to up to date your payroll skills by making use of the latest technologies. Sage payroll is the most commonly used accounting systems, integrated into many businesses globally. It’s crucial to be able to work with this system in today’s technology-driven world. A really practical step by step Sage Payroll course takes people with a prior knowledge of payroll principles to the next level, so you can benefit from automated systems and logging all details within a centralized system.

Payroll Award

If you have an aptitude for figures and wish to learn manual and computerized payroll, then this practical course is for you. Through studying for this basic course, you will become confident in popular and in-demand software including Sage Payroll and Microsoft Excel. This means you’ll have all you need to get into the world of payroll; the basic payroll courses will also help secure you an interview in a payroll department.

Our payroll courses are suitable for those who need flexible hours to combine work and training. Through payroll courses, students will have access to all materials and can study at your own pace. The payroll course also has a tutoring service to solve all the doubts that arise as you progress with the contents. The payroll course offered by KBM training and recruitment is divided into two parts. In the first, you will learn the basic tasks of management accounting. In turn, it is divided into several issues ledgers, balance sheets, general plan accounting and management of fixed assets and income and sales. After learning the role of the accountant in a company, you'll have to specialize in payroll and social security. You know about how to organize the payment of salaries, contributions, or what kind of job offer low accident or maternity. Also, you will calculate withholdings and settlements. The payroll course is intended for owners, general, financial directors, financial and economic services, executives and employees of accounting services and accountants.

Who are these payroll courses for?

Payroll courses are ideal for anyone looking to pursue a career in finance sector specifically in payroll department.

Entry requirements for payroll courses

Payroll courses have no prerequisites but the candidate must be a keen and quick learner.

Career path after completing payroll courses

After completing Payroll courses you can apply for jobs such as Payroll Administrator and Payroll Assistant

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