Best Advanced Excel Training by KBM

"Best Advanced Excel Training from KBM Training has all the segments like v-lookups, pivot tables, macros, sumif and much more."

We will explain to you the advanced Excel training course at KBM. You can contact us via our website, or you can call us on any of our centres in the UK. KBM training provides the best advanced excel training in London and Birmingham. The following point will give you the detail information about our Advanced Excel Training:

  • Overview of the Advanced Excel Training
  • Excel courses for the accountants
  • Contents of the Excel training course
  • What the course contains?
  • What is a training duration, availability and class schedule?
  • Study Option
  • Why to choose KBM centre?
  • What are the Excel Training Fees?

Overview of the Advanced Excel Training

Microsoft Excel is the world's most famous spreadsheet programme, learning how to use the software with KBM Training. It shows that you have gained the best Excel training courses. Microsoft excel courses come with up to date material to study at home and in the classroom. KBM provide you with the best advanced excel training in London and Birmingham.

You will learn the most advanced function, equations, and other financial analysis. It will make you an Excel power user. It is created especially for the user of the spreadsheet who already has skills and going to use their skills to a higher -level.

Advanced Excel training programme is for you, and it will give you the skills and knowledge of advanced functions of Excel. After the course, you will be capable of arranging data in an account using excel editor. You will learn PivotTables and analysis of complex data as well. You will be learning the advanced features like Goal Seek, Solver, Scenarios, and organise functions into an excel worksheet. You will also learn about the recording and controls of the macro. 

Excel courses for the accountants

This course is widely recognised excel programme for the accountants. You will learn step by step manual of all the techniques you can use in Excel spreadsheets to get better budgeting skills and management reporting. It is a very suitable course for professional Accountants. Excel spreadsheets are an essential tool, widely used for analysis and reporting. Gaining advanced excel skills will enhance your career. It will help you to stand ahead of the job market. Advanced excel skills are essential for any potential acknowledged accountants. It will be more good for the individuals already practising or considering opening a workout.

Contents of the Excel training course

Enlarge the functions toolbar

  • Locate formulas
  • The essential IT functions
  • Creating and using a range name
  • Scenarios
  • Goal Seek

Analysing the data

  • Using a timeline
  • Organise a Pivot chart
  • Use a slicer to filter your data
  • Combining slicers and Pivot Table
  • Set up Pivot tables
  • Grouping your data
  • Amend Pivot Tables with new data

Reducing the risk of audit

  • Eliminate Arrows
  • Flaws checking
  • Data recognition
  • Watch Window
  • Use of Trace Dependents
  • Checkout Formula
  • Use of Trace Precedents

Enhance your workflow

  • Set up Macro security
  • Recording Macros
  • How to edit a macro
  • Understanding the VBA edit window
  • Allow & run a Macro from the ribbon
  • Saving & using a Macro-enabled Workbook
  • Deleting your Macro

Additional topics

KBM is a certified training provider. We provide you with practical hands-on accounting training. Here you need to know that we are not just an Excel training provider, but we offer various other practical accounting training courses to enhance your skills. It will include Bookkeeping Training, QuickBooks Training, XERO Training, Account Assistant, Payroll Training, Taxation Training Final Accounts, and CIS Returns Training.

What the course contains?

We run classes run throughout a week. We are providing the perfect learning environment. When you book a course with KBM, we will help you through:

  • Study material and high-quality videos
  • Free Excel software for practice
  • Expert accounting tutors will supervise you
  • Various payment options
  • You will get CPD certificate at the completion

The advanced excel course is for those individuals who want to increase their skill set for more advanced features of Excel. Our fee depends on your selection of the programme. The available payment options are to make you comfortable. It includes:

  • Public funding and grants
  • Employer funding
  • Self-funding

The advanced excel programme is a time saver. It is so much suitable for those who are already working in finance or working as an assistant accountant. At completion, you can apply for the following job roles:

  • Accounts Assistant
  • Payroll Accountant
  • Finance Manager
  • Bookkeeper
  • Accountant
  • Management Accountant

What is a training duration, availability and class schedule?

You will take two weeks to complete the course.

We run many classes during the year due to massive demand. You need to contact one of our advisers to know more about our next courses in London or Birmingham.

We can choose weekdays or weekend sessions at our centres in London and Birmingham.

Study Options

You can also choose evening or weekend classes; the options include:

  • Classroom-Based Learning (6 Study Books and Tutorials)
  • Experienced & Qualified Instructor will teach you
  • We will assists in workbooks for preparation Activities
  • Pass Guarantee Scheme
  • Allows Access to our Online Student Portal

Why to choose KBM Centre?

We are a certified accountancy training provider. You will gain practical hands-on accounting experience at KBM. You can also study our other programmes like XERO Training, Bookkeeping Training, QuickBooks Training, Payroll Training, Account Assistant, Final Accounts. Taxation Training and CIS Returns Training. At KBM, we have several other benefits, they include: 

  • Guaranteed job placement
  • Keep track of the skills required by industries
  • It will help you to improve your practical work experiences.
  • So much helpful in gaining MAAT Status
  • Recruitment help and employability support like CV a mock interview practice
  • Payment options will include Credit card, Debit card, Cash, Bank Transfer or PayPal 

What are the Excel Training Fees?

You can choose whether online or classroom-based course. For further information can contact us about our Advanced Excel programme fees. You will have a marvellous study experience at KBM.

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