Sage accounting course

Our sage accounting course covers a range of accounting features and can lead to the AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping and Certificate in Computerized Accounting. Our Sage course includes online training, and shows how the Sage software works with the controls, processes and transactions that are used in business transactions. In the sage training course you will learn to handle and manage freight, returns and discount charges along with methods to accurately estimate the cost of goods sold. We demonstrate two distinctive methods to count value of inventory. Using many real life examples, our Sage accounting course shows how to manage the cash assets within an organization, including best practices and different controls; We explain the processes and documents used for checking both petty cash, bank and other accounts. Our Sage accounting course covers provision to cover both known and unknown liabilities, and covers the use of payable notes to provide short term finance. As well as being great for those wishing to progress their careers in accountancy, our sage course is helpful to business professionals and entrepreneurs who want a more comprehensive understanding of the transactions and controls used in business.

Learning Outcomes of the Sage accounting course

Upon the completion of this course, our students will be able to:


  • Process and manage all the transactions that are imperative for a merchandising business
  • Compute the net realizable value
  • Understand and use the controls essential to prevent errors that might occur when handling cash
  • Calculate and process all the transactions associated with inventory
  • Compute, examine and utilize the financial information on the standard reports
  • Calculate interest on notes payable and notes receivable
  • Oursage accounting course includes examining and understanding financial results (accounts receivable, turnover, and the number of days' sales in accounts receivable)
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