Sage courses

The primary aim of the sage courses is to build an understanding of how to use Sage for payroll, accountancy and bookkeeping. These courses will help you learn and understand all the aspects of Sage and how to apply them in bookkeeping and accounting roles. All our courses are run by qualified instructors, and you will have access to workbooks and audio guides. Some of our Sage courses meets some of the criteria for IAB qualifications (International Association of Bookkeepers), which will significantly help your career as an accountant or bookkeeper. Some of the popular sage training courses are described below:

Sage Book Keeping Course

Our sage bookkeeping course covers all the areas you require for a successful career in accounting, including Microsoft Excel, Sage Accounts and AAT Bookkeeping Level 2. Our sage courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to run your own accounts department in a smaller organisation or provide accounting consulting services to other firms. The complete details of this course can be seen on our sage webpages.

Sage Accounting Course

Our Sage Accounting Courses give comprehensive training in bookkeeping, with business administration, business background and other money related processes. These are vital skills for those hoping to progress their career in this field.

During the Sage Courses you will learn how and why transactions are recorded and measured, and get to grips with the source documents, legal obligations of the organisation, various accounting reports and become familiar with money related and business related key terms.

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