AAT Level 4 in Birmingham

KBM bring you a unique AAT Level 4 Professional Diploma in Accounting with free of cost accountancy Work Experience. We have a 97% pass rate, so no need to worry about passing AAT with KBM. AAT level 4 is a class-based accountancy learning programme. So you have an opportunity of 1:1 sessions with your tutors and qualified accountants. They will work on your strengths and weaknesses during the training programme. It will help in enriching your learning experience with us at KBM.

We have permanent collaboration with KBM Chartered Certified Accountants (our sister company). Our CA firm will provide you with the opportunity of getting Accountancy Work Experience. The work experience will help you in getting an AAT full membership (MAAT). The full AAT membership is recognised across the world in accounting and finance. MAAT means a demonstration of a high standard of accounting education and experience both to employers and clients. It will ensure your commitment to develop and keep your skills current/fresh. AAT level 4 diploma will make you capable of performing complex accounting tasks like:

  • Drafting financial statements
  • Managing budgets
  • Decision and control
  • Accounting systems and controls
  • Business tax, personal tax, external auditing, credit management, cash & treasury management, legislation & contract law (any two)

Course overview

AAT Level 4 is the final stage course in your accountancy and finance training. During the diploma, you will learn the advanced skills required to perform at managerial level job roles in accounting and finance. It has six units in total; four compulsory and further two optional units.

Compulsory units (four)

1. Financial Statements of Limited Companies – you will learn about reporting, rules and regulations, preparation of accounts, consolidation and interpretation of financial statements.

2. Management Accounting: Budgeting – you will gain knowledge and skills about preparing financial forecasting for income and expenditure, preparation & observing budgets and management reports.

3. Management Accounting: Decision and Control – you will cover analysis and evaluating costing techniques, use of cost for performance improvement, use of statistical methods to carry out analysis of business information and performance techniques to facilitate management for decision making.

4. Accounting Systems and Controls – you will get the knowledge and skills to conduct internal control and accounting systems evaluations. You will become capable of making recommendations for improvement.

Optional units (choose any two)

You will also need to complete two optional units from the following six options:

  • Option 1 Business Tax 
  • Option 2 Personal Tax 
  • Option 3 External Auditing
  • Option 4 Cash and Treasury Management 
  • Option 5 Credit Management 
  • Option 6 Legislation & contract law

Progression opportunities

At completion, you can earn up to £37,000 annually through a variety of high-level accounting jobs roles including:

  • Insolvency Administrator
  • Accounting Consultant
  • Cost Accountant
  • Commercial Analyst
  • Forensic accountant
  • Tax Manager
  • Accountancy Consultant
  • Finance Analyst
  • Senior Bookkeeper
  • Senior Financial Officer
  • Senior Fund Accountant

AAT full members (MAAT) and fellow members (FMAAT), and members of the AATQB will become eligible for various exemptions for a fast track route to chartered accountant status. Following chartered accounting bodies offer exemptions for AAT members:

  • ACCA 
  • CIMA 
  • ICAEW 

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