AAT Open Days

KBM Training & Recruitment Ltd. (KBM) regularly conduct Open Days on AAT where our expert advisory team including experienced accountants and industry experts, assist you in your careers and to guide you about the AAT. Please join us and discover your AAT options and get discounts on the study.

Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) offer a broad range of internationally recognised and accepted accounting and finance courses. AAT is the leading accounting professional body with global footprints. 

We will discuss the qualification levels and the value-addition from achieving the AAT qualifications. We also talk in our open days about employment and career options.

Please join us via open days to know about the following important information:

  • Work-Study option – earn a salary while having your Qualifications
  • Information on job prospects
  • Information about the AAT Employer schemes
  • Financially Feasible – value addition
  • Guidance about different study levels & commencement of the AAT studies
  • Flexible Study Calendar– customised for the needs of both full-time students and professionals
  • Computer-Based Examinations (CBAs)
  • Information on classroom and e-learning AAT study

What will you get from the AAT Open Days?

Our Open Days include the involvement of current AAT students, coaches, and guest speakers from the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). KBM speakers provide information about the qualifications for interested individuals like high school students, career advisors, school advisors, employers/business owners, professionals and accounting companies.

Refreshment is available on the arrival of the students, professionals, business and other stakeholders.

Open Days on the AAT Accounting

If you desire to start a new career in accounting, or you are part way through your AAT studies and need to know the options available for you? KBM is here to provide all the information and guidance required in this regard, please visit and meet our expert tutors, have a tour to our services and explore how KBM can assist you in achieving your career goals. We arrange AAT Open Days sessions on a specific date and time. We conduct these free sessions to educate people on the importance of AAT qualifications. We give special discounts to students and professionals.

If you are not available to join - please contact us via phone or email, our team will assist you in answer any questions. You can also ask to book a free consultation to discuss AAT qualifications and career options.

We discuss the following AAT Courses in Open Days

Please attend our AAT open days to know more about the many AAT courses we are offering. We will provide information about the job predictions, financing options and study options for AAT courses. Expert AAT Accountants/Tutors, AAT Consultant and Career Advisors will answer any questions you may want. During the Open Days, you will also gather information about AAT courses online and various AAT distance learning options. Free refreshment is always available for individuals. 

Continue the Journey

After this course, you’ll have the qualification needed to progress towards the AAT Advanced Diploma for Bookkeeping Technicians, with us at KBM. Private and public sectors employers highly demand this. This Basic Certificate will pave a way to a successful career in accounting and finance; this will open up many more roles and options.

What to Expect from KBM at Open Days

AAT offering a broad range of paybacks for student participants like:

  • Career advice
  • Study provisions
  • Help in finding the right job
  • Information on routes into chartered accounting
  • Exclusive discounts and benefits. 

In case you want to go further into your studies with one of the renowned chartered professional bodies, such as ACCA, CIMA or CIPFA, the AAT qualification will provide you with significant exemptions. You can find out more about how learning a professional accounting qualification with KBM team can help to boost your career.

In the Open Day, you will have a chance to:

  • Have a look at our modern centre
  • Explore the course funding options
  • Discuss the various study options, and you can have a customised study proposal
  • You can see our study resources and learning platform (online)
  • Meet with our expert tutors and consultants to explore about ACCA qualifications and AAT Apprenticeships.
  • Have an opportunity to discuss directly with our trainers and members of the academic group
  • Have an introduction to studying at AAT level and future career opportunities for AAT graduates
  • Get information and advice on AAT fee structure and the application process through our course advisors, admissions and student counsellors.
  • Visit our campus - you can see the modern teaching facilities
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